Skywatch Friday: Storm Brewing

It seems like it's just one weekend of storms after another down here in the south. I actually photographed this sky last Saturday - and unfortunately our weather forecasters are predicting more storms for this Memorial Day weekend. I just hope they don't ruin my big weekend of golf in Alabama! Next week I may even have some photos of the Magic City, if the weather cooperates.

Until then - take a look at other skies around the world at skywatch.

And enjoy this bonus video, complete with mockingbird warning call. Happy Friday!!

Steel Umbrella

I guess this is probably intended to be more of a parasol - all of those tiny holes might not be so good at keeping the rain out!

I've been testing some new settings on my camera. This red does not seem to represent the original, but it's the best I could get out of it. I guess there's more testing to be done!

Edited to add

This setting was something called "vivid color", although I couldn't tell that the color was off until I saw it on my screen at home. I worked with it a little in an editing program - but this red was more vibrant in real life.

One thing I really don't like about this camera is you have to use the manual mode to take pictures in black & white, sepia or any setting besides standard color. I've been trying the to set up my shots based on aperture or shutter speed - but sometimes the photo looks good on the camera screen and awful on my computer!


This picture also comes to you from The Renaissance. A new wine shop should be opening in this space any day.

I like the reflections in the window of what was behind me, the empty racks in the shop and also how you can see through the glass to what lies on the other side. The sepia tone tops it off with a nostalgic feel.

The Renaissance II

This is one of the shops at The Renaissance. They've tried to make the center into an Italian style shopping village. While it's certainly not Italy - it is a nice place to shop. All of the shops have different facades and colors - some are round, others are square, some are yellow, others are white. A lovely place to pass an afternoon!

The Renaissance

I have shown you the Renaissance shopping center a few times before and here it is again. This is the clocktower in the middle of the main traffic circle. I love all the beautiful flowers and plants the developers have used in the landscaping. It really does make the shopping experience more pleasant.

St Francis of Assisi

This is Saint Francis of Assisi church of Madison. As you can probably guess this is a Catholic establishment. I really like the architecture of this building. I'll definitely be showing you more of this church.

Today's question is: black and white or color?