Tornado Skies

We had some severe weather on Wednesday. The tornado sirens were blaring and the sky turned black. Luckily everything was fine, but it was still sort of scary!

I'm off to Hawaii today, let's hope the skies stay clear for the travel! I am putting my blog on auto-pilot, but I may not have enough pictures for the whole week. I hope you'll enjoy what I do have though and see you when I get back!


A wild vulture caught on the Natchez Trace. There are quite a few animal vs car collisions on the Trace, so these birds usually don't have to work too hard to find a snack.

Back in Action!

My camera is back! And here's a look at a the Corner Bakery Cafe. It opened recently in one of the newer shopping areas around town. I had a coffee and a piece of chocolate cake - it was quite good. It may become a new hangout of mine.


Okay, my blog has still gone to the birds! But this guy was not a visitor to my backyard resto. I saw him this weekend at the Sawgrass Recreation Center outside Fort Lauderdale. My husband has never visited the Everglades, so I took him on an airboat tour. The center also included exhibits of alligators (what else!), snakes, birds and even a panther! All-in-all it was quite interesting.

PS: My camera is scheduled to be delivered today back from the repair shop! It will be right on time for our upcoming trip to Hawaii - we're leaving this Friday. I'm really glad to have my camera back for the trip. The one I've been using doesn't have a wide-angle lens and it really makes such a difference. I also bought an underwater camera so hopefully we'll get some shots of the sea turtles and colorful fishies. Exciting times ahead!

Happy M.L. King Day!

This lady does not look like she's much in the mood for sharing. We're lucky to get the day off down here in Jackson, hope you are having a nice Monday as well. My camera should be back this week - so expect more photos of Jackson.

Mourning Doves

I almost feel like my backyard has become Trafalgar Square!