Down the Path

Things are green and hot down here in the south this weekend. Perfect weather to celebrate our great country's independence!

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday so far!

Another Reflection

This was another choice for the theme day. But it also makes for a nice Friday skywatch shot.

Hope you are ready for the big holiday weekend. You'll find me out on the golf course, if Alex doesn't bring any more rain!

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July Theme Day: Reflections

I had so many reflection shots to choose from, it was hard to make a decision. I finally settled on this one. Please note, this wasn't taken on a golf course, it's the pond inside a nearby neighborhood.

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Heart in the Shade

I found this heart on the golf course. I don't know what kind of plant this is, but the shape and color of these leaves was perfect!

To see more "found" hearts, check out Clytie's Random Hearts blog. I heart it!

Edited to add: Apparently this plant is called caladium.

Despite some airport delays, I got back safely from Germany yesterday. It was great to see my MiL and all our friends. The weather was cool the first couple of days. So much so that I had to go out and buy a jacket! But it warmed up towards the end of the week and we got to enjoy plenty of time in my MiL's garden. I'll have some pictures up on my travel blog in the coming weeks. Funnily enough, I didn't get one piece of comment spam the whole 10 days! I guess my warning worked.

Now it's time to catch up on all the work that piled up in my absence!

Blue Jay

This is the first time I've seen a blue jay at my feeder. I know he lives around here, but I think the woodpecker typically keeps him away from my yard.

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Morning Glory

Awhile back my mother-in-law gave me some flower seeds from her garden to plant here in my yard. None of the seeds were marked, and it wouldn't have helped me much anyway since I don't know the translations of German flower names to English. So I've been having some fun planting things and seeing what pops up.

The first thing I noticed about this plant were the heart-shaped leaves. I couldn't wait to see what kind of flower would turn up. I finally found out that they're morning glories. I think I am going to replant them in the garden though as they won't get much support in this pot. I am hoping I can get them to grow up a tree. Or maybe on the fence.

I'll be back in Jackson tomorrow, but I hope you've enjoyed the auto posting. To see more flowers, click on the flowers link. And don't forget to visit Clytie's Random Hearts blog.


I have always admired this garden. It has such nice flowers and even a statue.

Hope you are enjoying JDP on auto pilot, it's not long until I'm back!