Skywatch Friday: Capitol Dome

Here's a look at Mississippi's current capitol building. We also have an old capitol building which recently re-opened after extensive remodeling. I hope to show it to you one of these days.

Happy Friday everyone! Check out some of the other skies around the world by clicking on the skywatch link.

The Mississippi

Here's one from the archives. Who doesn't love to take a look at the great Mississippi every once in awhile? This view comes to you from the Mississippi side at Natchez. If you decide to take a swim over, you'll be in Louisiana. There are also bridges for those with less fortitude!


I think I need to find some new inspiration! This is a black and white look at the planter with yesterday's pansies.

I'm going to NYC for the weekend, so I'm going to put my blog on automatic posting (if I have enough pictures). When I get back, I'm going to be pretty busy with my play at Actor's Playhouse and the Murder Mysteries. But hopefully I'll have time to squeeze some blogging in. It's going to be a busy summer!

Flowers VI

These pansies were snapped at The Renaissance shopping center, which I've shown you a couple of times before.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I didn't take any other pictures of the art festival, except people milling around. I find it hard to photograph art and it was really hot and the light was so bright. I don't think the pictures would have turned out well anyway. I promise if the festival does become an annual event, I'll go early in the morning next year and get some nice shots.

June Theme Day: Feet

First of all, I must start off saying that this choice for the theme day did not appeal to me at all. I had no ideas of how to represent feet (other than the obvious shot in a shoe store). But here it is - my picture of Jacksonites out and about on their feet. Believe me, this is not a sight you'll see every day! This photo was taken at the Renaissance Art Festival this weekend, which hosted the works of various artists from around the country. It was very interesting and I hope it becomes an annual event.

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Highlands United Methodist Church

If there are united Methodists, does that mean there are also divided Methodists?

I found this beauty downtown in the Five Points South area of Birmingham. And unsurprisingly, this church also has a website. This will be my last look at Birmingham. I really loved the city and I hope to be back soon.