Reader's Theater

The Fondren Theater Workshop hosted a New Play Project for local playwrights this weekend. It was set up in a reader's theater format. A few of my friends were involved, so I went to check it out. It was quite enjoyable and I was happily surprised to find some very talented writers right here in Jackson. Let's just hope they don't leave for Hollywood or somewhere a tad more exciting!


This dragonfly is made by the same artist who made the previous butterfly. I really like mosaics, they're so pretty.

This is the last photo in my craft center series. I'll be in Oklahoma City this weekend, I hope you'll have fun wherever you happen to be!

PS: I do know that these insects are called dragonflies. For some reason, I always mix up the two names.

Butterflies - Part 2

I really love this butterfly mosaic. Unfortunately, it was also out of my price range (even more so than the cork artwork). The sparkly mirrors and glass are just so pretty. I'm sure my sister would have loved this, especially since the main color is green - her favorite!

Butterflies - Part 1

My sister's birthday is coming up and I want to get her something special (it's one of the milestones). So I headed over to the Mississippi Craft Center this weekend. My sister loves butterflies and they have many unique items there.

These butterflies certainly qualify as unique! They are made entirely from wine corks. Either of them would make a lovely gift, but unfortunately they are out of my price range. I'm still looking, if anyone has any gift ideas.

Look for more butterflies tomorrow.

Bottle Tree

I spotted this bottle tree at the Mississippi Crafts Center. They are very popular here in the south, many people have them in their backyards around the golf course. They can be very pretty, especially with colorful bottles.


I was in Michael's the other day, when I was bothered by all these strange sounds emanating from one of the aisles. When I went to investigate further, I saw that it was a bunch of Halloween decorations making creepy sounds and whatnot. I found it all really annoying. I'm not sure who buys those silly animated things. I much prefer the signs and cute statues and stickers.

And for the record, Halloween in July is really too early!