A view into the main display room of the Mississippi Museum of Natural History. It's a fun place for the young people to explore. There are also plenty of photo ops for the young at heart.

Swamp Reflections

Reflections in a swamp near the Pearl river. Let's hope we finally get some sun this weekend!

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Bushy Bench

I am a bit worried that tropical bush thingy might one day take this bench over, but I guess the Jackson Zoo staff makes sure plenty of seating is available for everyone.

Fuzzy Friends

I made some friends at the petting zoo! Aren't they great posers?

Rockin' Out

Pull up a chair for a nice chat! Maybe we can talk about those lovely shadows being cast by the railings. If we can't find something to talk about, we can always rock and enjoy some sun!


I don't know if this is an old gum tree, but this king of the bush did seem to be quite merry. I heard him laughing. It's a rather odd sound. He was spotted at the Jackson Zoo.

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Leafy Look

Another look at the walkway in the Jackson Zoo. It takes you right into the animal areas.

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