Snow in Jackson

It was really a winter wonderland down here in the south yesterday! It was pretty to look at and luckily I got to stay home all day since my office was closed.

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Big Laughs!

I went to see Boeing, Boeing last Friday at New Stage and it was hilarious! Definitely one of the most entertaining plays I've seen here in Jackson. Everyone was so good - but Peppy Biddy really made the show. The basic story is about a womanizer who has three "fiancees" all of whom are flight attendants. He has his trusted housekeeper to help keep his schedule straight. Everything was under control until an old friend comes to town and all his girls wind up there too. If Boeing, Boeing ever comes to your town, don't miss it!

Happy weekend everyone! I'll be catching up on some sleep.


Another look at the beautiful woodpecker who likes to visit my feeder. Does anyone know when the warm weather is coming back?

Gladiolas from the Garden

These red beauties bloomed in my garden last July. I planted one batch of red glads and one batch of pink. Sadly, the pink ones never bloomed. Maybe this year!

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White Blossoms

This photo was taken back in August. I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are, but I am hoping to see some blooms again soon! I'm really tired of this cold, wet weather we've been having down here. Hope it blows over soon.

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Chili Bowl

Congratulations to the Saints for their Super Bowl win. Perhaps they should celebrate with a chili bowl.

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St. Francis of Assisi

I've shown you this church before, but here's another look at the steeple in black and white.

The weather down here has been cold and wet for the last few days. Luckily I'm headed over to sunny Florida again, but this time on business. I'm putting my blog on autopilot for now - enjoy!

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