Weekend Reflections: Number 16

I finally got to play golf two weekends ago after a long period of cold weather here in Jackson. I guess I need to build up my stamina again though, because by the time I was at the 16th hole I was pretty exhausted. And it is the most challenging hole on the course for me, so I need the energy!

Since I abandoned the hole, I was able to focus on getting some nice shots of the water. I love the way the sunlight was sparkling on the surface. I'll be back out there again today, but hopefully my game will be better!

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Friday Night

This has been a good week. It's time to ring in the weekend with a visit to the bar. This photo comes to you from Char. They have a cool piano bar with live music on Friday evenings.

I've got more photos from San Fran up on Here and There. Stop by and take a look. Happy weekend!

And to send you off into the weekend on the right foot, some more video from the Chinese New Year parade!

Yet More Passageways

Another passageway from the famous "fancy" shopping center. I guess you could call it a passageway paradise, although this one is a bit too straightforward. I like the previous two better.

Plus some bonus video of the Chinese New Year's Parade in San Francisco. I found that video renders the images better than photos, especially when you can't get very close!

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Doorway Wednesday

I saw this decorative door while wandering the Highland Colony Village and I knew it would be the perfect thing for a Wednesday post. Ciel from Versailles is always treating us with such nice doors and entrances, I hope this humble little shop door from Jackson can compare with some of those historical beauties she posts!

I am back from San Francisco. Check Here and There soon for photos from my trip. It was fabulous!

More Passageways

I couldn't decide which photo I liked better for the passageways theme. This one is maybe more visually interesting with the vines and the children's shop in the background. But I also like the round arches from yesterday.

Which do you prefer?

March Theme Day: Passageways

This passageway comes to you from the Highland Colony shopping center in Jackson. It's one of those fancier-type shopping areas. I don't usually shop here, but there are some good restaurants and it's fun to walk around the courtyard area.

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This one is dedicated to B Squared down in Fort Lauderdale. It may not be as exciting as some of the windvanes he features on his blog, but we do what we can in Mississippi!