The Debate

The first presidential debate is taking place right here in Mississippi! There's advertising for it everywhere and folks seem pretty excited. It seems that McCain is going to make it. It would have been pretty sad if it got cancelled. I'm excited to hear how it turns out!


Slugs have a very fitting name in German - naked snails! Although I do like snails, I'm not so fond of their slimy, naked cousins. I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to save one. But you have to admit, the name in German is quite clever and descriptive..

This little guy was in the same area as the snails. Makes me wonder if he lost his "clothes" somewhere along the way.

PS: The line "Zuzu's petals!" does come from A Wonderful Life. But don't feel bad if you didn't know it - I didn't either before I did the murder mystery.


Schneke (snail) is a term of endearment in German. I have always had a soft spot for the little guys. When I was a little girl, I'd always peel them off the sidewalk after it rained. It would be sad if anyone stepped on them!

I found these little guys in my backyard. I just hope they're not bad for my plants.


This wall mural is in the bar area of Rossini's where we held our last public performance of Good Grape Hunting last week. We have one private show scheduled for this week and then our run is over. I'm sort of glad, it's rather tiring to play a murderess.

Yes, it's true... I DID kill Will Beabore!

Murder at Rossini's

We had our last public show of Good Grape Hunting last Tuesday at Rossini's. This was the first time the group has put on a show at this particular restaurant. The owner seemed pleased with the crowd it drew, so hopefully there will be future shows.

This is how the tables looked - each team has their own name like Magnum PI or the Hardy Boys. There is quite a bit of competition to catch all the clues and win the big prize. My husband and some friends from work came to see me. They guessed the killer correctly, but they didn't get all the bonus questions right... so the prize went to someone else.

This question is the tie-breaker on our answer sheet. From what movie does the line "Zuzu's petals!" come from? If you know, leave a comment. I'll show more of Rossini's tomorrow.