Skywatch Friday: Reflections

I just can't pass up a nice reflection photo! I love the colors of fall.

Happy Friday everyone! Click on the skywatch link to see other skies from around the world.

The Bunker

This is one place I do not want to be on the golf course. But it does look nice all freshly raked.

Five Guys

We've got a new food chain that's got people lining up here in Jackson - it's Five Guys Burgers and Fries. My husband and I found a not-too-busy moment and slipped in. He had their signature burger and I had a grilled cheese.

The food was okay, but not something I'd queue for twenty minutes for. I did like the design of the restaurant though and how they used bags of Idaho potatoes to delineate the queue area. I just wonder how long this fad will last.

Chipping Sparrow

I believe this small friend is a chipping sparrow. If there are any experts out there who wish to clarify, feel free. I like the way he posed nicely for my camera.

Fall Shadows

I love the way these big pines throw their shadows across the ground. Fall light is wonderful!

Horse in the Fountain

The Renaissance shopping center has a lot of nice details including this fountain. By day I find it a bit ostentatious, but it's very pretty by night.