Bench for Sale

Reflections in a shop window with a nice bench for sale.

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Watertower at Dusk

Nothing beats a pinkish blue sky. This one is set off by the Ridgeland water tower.

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Tunnel Vision

An outdoor corridor at the Madison Community Center. This building used to be an elementary school, but the city grew so much they had to build several new ones and this one was abandoned. It makes for some nice photos for sure.

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A side view of Hal and Mal's restaurant. It's a popular place to dine and be entertained in downtown Jackson. They have several different rooms where live bands play and sometimes even theater events are staged there. It's always a fun place to go.

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The housing crisis seems to have come to an end in my neighborhood. Several new houses have gone up and most of them are sold already. But there are still a few empty lots, in case you want to build your dream home down here in Mississippi!

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Lady Fledgling

Hi there. It's me, the little cardinal fledgling who likes to visit your feeder. Thanks for all the seeds!

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Smart Lion

I almost thought I had been swept away to Livorno when I saw this lion the other day. But then I realized I was still here in Jackson. I knew this because the lion didn't have a silly face.

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