Bug Reflection

I thought I'd continue on yesterday's bug theme. The Halcyon Bug had to go in for some service last week. While I was waiting for the shuttle to take me to work, I snapped a few shots. The white bug is inside, the yellow one outside. And the sky was beautifully blue!

Hope your weekend is good so far. Click on the reflections link to see more reflections from around the world.

Skywatch Friday: Richland PO

A rare sight, the local post office parking lot empty except for the Halcyon bug. The beautiful, blue sky was the finishing touch on this scene.

Happy Friday everyone! To see more skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.

Heron on the 12th

I saw this beautiful brother on the 12th hole at Deerfield golf course this past weekend. He was so intent on finding some food, he was not bothered by my snapping a couple of shots. They're usually quite sensitive.

Golf Bench

A bench on the ninth hole at the Colonial Golf Course. You can call in ahead and have your snacks and drinks ready at the turn. Now that's service!

New Friend

I believe this friend is a hairy woodpecker, but I'm not certain. I've never seen a woodpecker like this one at my feeder before. I hope he'll be back!

Bonus video.

Rainy Days

It rained on and off all day Saturday. My husband insisted on finishing our round of golf. I abandoned and took some pictures instead. My stuff is still drying out!

Stormy Weather

We've been having a lot of storms and such down here lately. Sometimes I worry about these trees in our yard. I actually had a nightmare during this particular storm that a tree fell on our house. Luckily it was just a dream.

I hope the skies will be blue this Sunday wherever you are!