Quail Hollow

The Quail Hollow Golf Course is actually in McComb, MS which is near the Louisiana border. We recently played there when our friends from Germany were here. It was a very beautiful course and we all enjoyed it immensely. I have a feeling we'll be back with other golfing friends and family!

Friday the 13th!

For Friday the 13th, I thought I would chose a spooky subject! This angel is guarding her charges carefully.

It's funny in the US people see the 13th as an unlucky day when bad things will happen. In Europe it's quite the opposite! For example, lottery ticket sales always spike on Friday the 13th. I suppose my husband and I will be participating here in Berlin!


Newk's is a good place for a quick, but filling lunch. They have the best salads and there are even vegetarian options on the menu! I like to use them when we have catered meetings at work. They provide lunch boxes with all the fixings, including a delicious brownie (without nuts) for dessert.

There are a few different locations around town, but this is the original. Nothing beats Newk's!

Inside Lemuria Books

Here is a small peek inside Lemuria Books. The small outcrop I visited this weekend actually hosts rare editions and first runs. Most of them are signed and some are even pre-print versions for proofreading purposes.

The walls are lined with bookshelves and there is a small stage where they sometimes have live music or poetry readings. So, if you know anyone out there looking for a rare book, take a look at lemuria.com.

I am going to be out of town for about 10 days. My husband and I are heading to Berlin for some quality time with the MiL and our friends. I've scheduled some posts for while I'm gone since I'm not sure if I'll have reliable access to the Internet while I'm across the pond. Hope you will enjoy!

Lemuria Books

Lemuria is one of the few local bookshops left in this world being taken over by Barnes & Noble and Borders. Lemuria has two branches, one in the nearby Banner Hall and this smaller outcrop. I'll give you a look inside tomorrow.

I stopped by on Saturday morning for auditions for the Mississippi Murder Mysteries group. I just found out yesterday that I'm in!! It's all very melodramatic and a bit silly, but I think it will be fun. And it pays, even if only minimally.

New License Plate

When I first moved here I tried to Halcyon as my plate, but that was already taken so I compromised with Halcion.

We recently got new license plates. I really liked the old one with the magnolia better. I'm not sure what a lighthouse has to do with Mississippi. The only positive is the colors go with my car better (it's a blue Beetle)!

I'm not sure if I should change my profile photo or not, any thoughts?