Route 66

I find the European fascination with Route 66 quite interesting. Perhaps it's because I grew up on the route, so it's nothing really special to me. Germans do love their bugs though - you almost see more of them than the new beetles. This one was certainly in good condition.

Skywatch Friday

Friday is finally here! And I hope you'll enjoy this blue sky from over the Ullsteinhaus in Tempelhof. I think it used to be a factory and today I guess it's an office space or something. I certainly wouldn't mind working there - they've got a great view on the canal!

Happy Friday everyone! Click here to see other skies from around the world.

Die Mauer

The 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall is coming up soon and everyone is celebrating. They had these "walls" up at the Tempelhoffer shopping center. These were painted by school kids and they even had walls up that patrons could add to. I think it's a really nice idea.

My husband was in university when the wall came down. That night he had been studying for a big test at the library. When he came out, the streets were flooded with Trabbis (those East German cars) and he had no idea what was going on. How exciting to be a part of history!

Boat in the Hafen

The harbor had some actual boats! I think this one doubled as a restaurant, but it was still nice to see that it's not only a fake-harbor shopping center.

Tempelhoffer Hafen

My MiL lives in Tempelhof and the "Tempelhof Harbor" shopping center is not far from her house. I walked there one afternoon to check out the shops and whatnot. The shopping center is quite new and really nice, although once you've seen one mall, you've seen them all.

There is a real sort of "harbor" though on the canal. I'll show you more tomorrow.

Frische Fische!

There are so many good photo ops at the market. Don't those fish look tasty?

Berlin Church

I don't remember the name of this church, but its on the Winterfeld Platz in the Schoeneberg neighborhood. They have a beautiful market there every Saturday which my husband and I always visit. We were lucky this was one of the sunny days, there were not many during our ten day stay!