Getting Ready for Gustav

Apparently Gustav is on a course for the Gulf of Mexico. After Katrina, I guess people around here take the warnings pretty seriously. The lines for gas at the Kroger have been snaking outside into the streets. And Wal-Mart just keeps putting pallette after pallette of bottled water out for purchase.

I did stock up a little on extra cans and frozen stuff, but I didn't buy into the worries about not having water, etc. I don't think Jackson will be in any major danger since we're pretty far inland. I guess if we are, my husband and I will just have to drink diet coke and beer!

Corn and Beans

I also found these jars at the fruit stand. The lady running the place told me that almost all of their jarred goods come from a local group of Amish women. I've never heard of pickled beans and corn, but it might be good! It doesn't sound bad anyway.

I did buy some pickled jalapenos. My husband likes to mix a few peppers and some juice in olive oil and let it marinate a few months. It tastes great drizzled on a pizza or just to dip your crusts in.


My husband and I found a new fruit stand this weekend. There were stacks and stacks of Mississippi tomatoes! They certainly looked delicious. I didn't buy any though because I have my own tomato plants at home. The rain has sort of waterlogged them though. I hope a few of the fruit will hold on.

After the Rain

My flowers really picked up with all the rain. I hope we'll be seeing the sun soon though!

PS: I'm in Raleigh on business until Thursday. Hopefully the automatic posting will work. Hope everyone is having a nice week.

Semper Fi

This boat was actually grounded during a storm a few weeks ago. No one seems to know exactly what happened, but I bet there was alcohol and high winds involved!

I don't know how they'll get it out, but my guess is the Semper Fi may not be seaworthy for much longer.


We started feeling the effects of tropical storm Faye on Saturday evening. Luckily my husband and I still got in a full 18 holes before the rains came on, but the clouds did look menacing. We didn't even get to play today because it's just been continual downpour.

At least things weren't as bad as the weatherpeople were predicting. I don't think there has been any flooding in our area and we haven't had any high-winds. The rainy days are getting dreary though. I'm hoping we'll see the sun again tomorrow!