Avid Fan

While my husband and I were in Berlin we went to a soccer match between Herta (Berlin's team) and Dortmund. We thought it would be a good idea to take the subway instead of our car as the match was completely sold out and parking would be difficult.

We didn't count on the train stations being so crowded as well. But it gave me the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the really hardcore fans. I think alot of love went into this jacket.

Happy Friday everyone - I don't know about you, but I'm glad the weekend is here!

Walker's Drive-In

Walker's Drive-In has long been a staple of the Fondren community. I believe in the beginning it was a diner-type restaurant - today it has been transformed by one of Jackson's top chefs. I've never actually eaten there, but after perusing the online menu, I think I need to try it. Everything sounds delicious! Not to mention we've got perfect weather for patio dining right now.

Find the Squirrel

If you look closely, you'll see him just in the crook of the tree. I think he was even posing for me. He seemed to enjoy the attention anyway.

Happy Earth Day everyone!


This past weekend, my husband planted a rose garden for me. It was actually a birthday present from my MiL, but you can't really find nice roses to plant in October - so we waited until spring. I chose two Mister Lincolns, two Queen Elizabeths and one Peace rose. I would have liked an April in Paris - but they didn't have any at this particular garden shop.

This rose is actually from the golf course, but I hope to have plenty of my own to show you soon!

Flowers on the Lovely Hole

I just love irises - they remind me of my childhood. We always had tons of the purple ones growing in our yard. But the yellow ones are pretty too! Especially when they frame a small pond like this one.