Crape Myrtle

My crape myrtle is in bloom. I'm not sure, but it seems to have less blooms than last year. I still think it's quite a beautiful tree though. It's just too bad we only have one in our yard.

Happy Friday everyone!


I found this piece of sculpture in the Highland Village shopping center. It's a very upscale area, I'm not sure who actually shops in most of the boutiques. And apparently there are problems with clientele since more of the spaces were empty last time I was there. They have wonderful landscaping though - sculptures, fountains, loads of beautiful plants and flowers. It makes for a very pleasant experience even if all you're doing is window shopping!

A Southern Affair

This is Jackson's premiere bridal dress shop. While I'm not so into the whole big, white wedding thing, they do have beautiful dresses and beautiful displays.

Tufted Titmouse and Woodpecker

I was just informed that the little blue brother is a tufted titmouse. Apparently they are quite common in this area. He's very cute in any case and has a wonderful song! You can also see the big woodpecker feasting on the other side. Our neighborhood is filled with old pines, so we have a lot of them around.

I'm really excited about the birdcam now. I think it just took awhile for the birds to get used to the camera. But now that they are, they're flocking to my feeder! I popped out the memory card this morning and there are several really nice shots (and plenty of bad ones too). I'll be sharing more in the coming weeks!


This is going to be my last show for awhile. My golf has really been suffering from the overabundance of theater!

I played Monique, the local French townsperson. I'm not sure why a French lady would move to Beldingsville, Vermont. But I decided that every small town in the 1910s had a local saloon with dancing girls. Monique was obviously needed to teach them the can-can and to dispense fashion advice. (Of course that was not really in the script). This is my third time to play a French woman, I guess I should be thankful I have that special skill. It was a lot of fun though and I hope to work with some of the cast again, there were many talented people.

Wingscapes Squirrel

I listen to a local gardening show The Gestalt Gardener almost every week. A few weeks ago, the host Felder Rushing talked about something new - the Wingscapes camera. I finally decided to buy one and I've been experimenting with different set-ups. So far all I've caught is squirrels and mourning doves. But I'm hoping to get some of the nicer birds that come to my feeder. I'm starting a new tag for this series, they'll all be filed under Wingscapes.