What lucky birds! While it may seem cruel, this is nature's way of continuing the cycle of life.

I saw this scene just off the Natchez Trace. I assume the deer was hit by a motorist and pulled off the side of the road. At least it provided some food for the vultures. I would hate for a poor deer's death not to benefit anyone.

Purple Bloom

I was looking at some of the other Daily Photo blogs and for some reason flowers seem to be a popular choice today. I thought I would add my own. I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, but I found its autumn bloom lovely.

For a look at other flowers, follow these links:

USS Mississippi

This bell from the USS Mississippi was on display at the Rosalie mansion in Natchez. Apparently this battleship served in both WWI and WWII. She was sold for scrap in 1956 and I imagine the DAR purchased this bell to display in the gardens. We rang it out, the sound was quite imposing.

Break a Leg!

I am actually part of this show. We're having our final dress rehearsal tonight in front of a supportive crowd of friends and family. I hope all will go well, we were still a little shaky on the lines last night.

La Tienda

I'm going to share some more of my snapshots from Natchez. This is an old sign for a ladies boutique. Apparently La Tienda means "the shop" in Spanish (sort of a redudant name), but don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong!

Old South Winery

A colleague of mine recommended taking a tour of this winery on my recent jaunt to Natchez. Unfortunately, it was closed on Sundays. The building still made for a nice photo though. And the sepia seemed fitting. Hopefully next time I'll get to sample their supply!