Buddha and the Stump

As promised in yesterday's post, here is a picture of the stump my husband brought home from the trade show. I must admit there was an error in my last post though. The stump (as it is lovingly known by us), was not bought from the Old House Depot, that was just one of the booths that caught his eye. It was actually purchased from Plantation Interiors. They have a shop just a few exits north from here on I-55 in Gluckstadt. I have a feeling we'll probably be visiting them as well sometime in the near future.

Old House Depot

My husband learned about this place at a recent home improvement tradeshow. They salvage pieces like old floor boards, doors, and light fixtures from old houses and buildings.

My husband bought a piece of pine from them at the show. It appears to once have been part of a beam in an old house. I was sort of skeptical about it at first, but once I saw it, I understood why he snatched it up. I'll post a picture of the stump in our house tomorrow.

Last weekend we went to the actual store in downtown Jackson. There were some interesting things there, but it's the kind of place where they either have something you absolutely love or nothing at all. I'm sure we'll be back though. One of our next projects is to install gas lamps to the facade. Maybe we'll find some antique ones somewhere.

Spring Has Sprung...

The bradford pears are in bloom all over town. I love these beautiful trees, they are always a sign of spring to me.

Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn since this picture was taken. We had a big storm last night and power was knocked out for awhile. Temperatures are also expected to drop to the mid-forties. Forecasts show the weekend will be great though with sunny skies and temps in the mid-seventies. Perfect weather for strolling the streets of Memphis or playing golf!

PS: I have a fan! Thanks so much for the positive comments. I will strive to be a better blogger! (Or at least post more regularly).

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Not only is today a special Irish holiday, it's also the one year anniversary of my arrival in Jackson. A lot of things have changed over a year - I got a job (even if I don't like it much), I got married, I've made new friends, I bought a house...

Life in Jackson is really quite good. And Happy Saint Paddy's Day to all the photobloggers out there. Just don't drink too much green beer!

Abandoned Building

Downtown Brandon is chock full of abandoned buildings. The black and white setting adds even more poignancy to this one.