Chipping Sparrow

These guys are frequent visitors to my "resto". They may not be much to look at, but they sing a nice song.

Happy Friday everyone! We get Monday off for M.L. King Jr. Day, so it's a long weekend for me. I'll be down in Fort Lauderdale (hopefully) enjoying some good golf weather. My blog will be on automatic pilot until Tuesday. Enjoy!

Making-of: Dumplings

Okay, so these weren't really that hard to make, they came straight from a box, but it was a real German box at least! Each dumpling is in an individual cooking bag, so they don't stick together while boiling. We found them at the Kroger and they weren't cheap, but they were tasty. Maybe next time my husband will make them from scratch.

PS: My camera has been repaired! It was shipped back yesterday so it should be back in my hands next week. Yay!!!

German Specialties

Since we're on a food kick, here's a look at another German dish my husband recently cooked up. This one is stuffed peppers with dumplings with a creamy tomato sauce. It was divine!

Making-of: Spaetzle

You asked for more - here it is! A look at how the spaetzle is made.

First the noodle dough is pushed through the "Spaetzle Maschine" and then it cooks a few minutes in boiling water. Once the noodles rise to the top, it's ready to serve! Southern Germans typically have spaetzle with lentil stew or goulash, although in my opinion it goes with almost anything that you would normally have pasta with.

PS: If you click on the wikipedia link above, you'll see a better picture of what they call the spaetzle press. We also have one of the grater-type makers, but my husband prefers the press method as it makes nice thin noodles like the ones we had.

East Meets West

Last weekend my husband and I cooked up a delicious dinner. I made the lentil daal with a tomato garnish and my husband made the fresh spaetzle. Delicious!

Woodpecker and Sparrow

Is he giving the sparrow a dirty look? Hope you are having a nice and warm weekend!