Snobby Reflections

This is one of Jackson's biggest law firms which is known locally as Butler Snob. The fact that they just built this brand new building in the ritzy part of town probably doesn't do anything to dispel that reputation, but it's nice looking and the windows make for a great reflection.

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Confidential to my sister: Happy birthday!!

Lightning on the Rez

Today's photo comes to you from a friend of mine, Abhinav. He was at the Reservoir the other day watching a storm on the other side. He was lucky enough to catch this bolt while there was still a lot of light in the sky. It's a great shot!

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Morning Golf

It was so hot before I left for the cruise that my husband and I had to resort to rounds in the morning before work. I'm not much of an early bird, but I found that my game was not too bad in the wee hours. And the light was nice too!

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Italian Bench

A bench with a built-in table at the Renaissance shopping center. There are actually a lot of interesting sitting options in the shopping area.


A cobblestone sidewalk found at the Renaissance shopping center.

The Bahamas cruise was fantastic - so relaxing! It's been tough work catching up though. I don't feel like doing anything except laying about. And I sort of miss Mickey Mouse too!

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Young Mockingbird

This young mockingbird looks like he just enjoyed a bite of the oranges I put out for him and my other feathered friends. He may need some help from Mom and Dad though, looks like he's got a little piece of orange stuck in his beak there.

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One of the more popular shops at The Renaissance shopping center. I think the orangey color looks nice against the sky.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I'll be back tomorrow.