August Theme Day: Night Shot

So the big anniversary surprise was a trip to The Dancing Rabbit Golf Club! The course is part of the Choctaw reservation resort which includes the Silver Star and Golden Moon Casinos. We stayed in the Golden Moon which is like nothing else I've ever seen in Mississippi! I'll show you more of the golf course next week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Skywatch Friday

We haven't seen skies like this lately. It's been raining almost non-stop all week. I hope we'll see blue skies again this weekend - especially since I think the trip involves golf!

Happy Friday everyone!

Unexpected Visitor

This little guy flew into my garage Tuesday afternoon when I came home from work. I left the garage open all evening and I thought he flew out. Come Thursday morning, I heard a chirp-chirp from behind the charcoal bags. I pulled one aside and there was this little brother, calling out for his mama.

It was raining like mad yesterday morning, so I couldn't let him out. Once the rain let up, his mama flew into the garage and started feeding him. He was still too afraid to follow her out though. After several hours, I finally got him out of the garage and into the bushes. When I came home this morning there was no sign of him. I hope he made it back to the nest before the rain started again. I hope he enjoyed his overnight stay in our garage at least!

PS: Today is my two year wedding anniversary. My husband is taking me on a surprise trip for the weekend. I hope the automatic posting works!

Pink Crape Myrtle

This is a specimen I caught on the golf course. It provided some nice shade on the 16th hole, which is usually about the time I'm so exhausted I'm not sure how I'll make it until the end.

Also, my sincere thanks go out to Olivier at Evry Daily Photo for the Major Award. I am making sure it passes into good legs.

Here are my choices for three bloggers that always bring a smile to my face.

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Life on the Course

There are many nice houses on the golf course we play. I especially like this particular garden. There are lots of boxes for the birds to make homes in and feeders too!

Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me today. I'm auditioning for A Few Good Men at Actor's Playhouse and there's only one role for a woman.

Table and Chairs

I found these wonderful colorful chairs and table at the Pelican Cove. It's a bar/resto place right on the water. There was live music the night I was there and the temps were nice and cool, leaving all the chairs inside empty. But believe me, it was tough to find a place to put your rump outside on the deck!

Where's the Seed?

I've been thinking that my backyard birds were pretty hungry. Last week I was filling up my feeder almost every morning, only to come home later and find it devastated. Luckily my wingscapes camera showed me what was really going on. The damn squirrels have been eating all the food!

This is how he does it.

And this is the result... a poor hungry bird!