Old Courthouse

A reflection of the old Courthouse in Canton, Mississippi. And you get two benches as a bonus!

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The Supremes

Now for the big finish, it's the supreme dudes of the Mississippi Supreme Court! This is the last in my series of these statues. I don't know if they were modeled on real historic figures or if they just chose generic old-timey men. In any case, the exhibit at the Old Capitol Museum is really interesting. And it's free!

I'll be out this weekend playing golf in Alabama. It looks like we're going to have good weather. Hope it's nice whereever you are too!


As promised, here are the real, fake old-timey Senators! Looks like they're having some interesting discussions.

Columned Doorway

I believe this is another lawyer's office in downtown Jackson. The doorway does look nice with those columns though.

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The Governor

This is a scene from the Old Capitol building. He's our real, fake old-timey governor! But the real governor would have worked from this very room, if not at this very desk.

Fall Roses

I had a bumper crop of roses this year. They bloomed all spring and summer and there are still quite a few buds this far into fall. I really enjoy these beauties.

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Hindu temple

Jackson recently got its own Hindu Temple. It's really impressive, especially considering it's right next to a trailer park.