Yellow Bicycle

I've been spending a lot of time at New Stage with the show coming up. I caught this bike out in front the other day. I like the bright yellow, it somehow seems to fit.

Here's wishing you a happy weekend!

Every Little Swallow...

My squirrel-proof feeder is still keeping the long-tailed rodents away. I'm very impressed with it and also am saving a lot on bird feed!

This Carolina chickadee is a frequent visitor, but for some reason he doesn't usually end up in my pictures (or at least not in the good ones). So I was very pleased to get this shot of him. His song is always a welcome wake-up call in the morning. Pretty soon I'll even be able to sleep with the windows open again so I'll really hear his song in all it's glory.


This piece is being displayed outside the Cedars Home in Fondren right now. I'm not really too fond of the sculpture itself, but I like the way it was in the shadow and the light was hitting the leaves of the bushes to the left. I did find a website for the artist, if you'd like to know more about Richard McKey, click here.

Frozen Margaritas!

Recently my husband and I have started going to Papito's, a Mexican restaurant not far from our home (and golf course). They have weekend specials on giant margaritas and their food is quite good too!

Mississippi Symphony Orchestra

Photos were not really allowed inside the hall, but I figured since this was after the performance, it was okay. We were in the lower balcony, the view was excellent and the acoustics in the hall are also very good.

The main reason we went was for the Mahler song, but all of the music was great! Click here to see the evening's full program.

Thalia Mara Hall

My husband and I went to see the season opener of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra this weekend. The MSO plays in the Thalia Mara Hall downtown. The space is also used by Ballet Mississippi and touring groups. We had never been before - both the space and the orchestra were wonderful!

The concert was followed by a reception celebrating the orchestra's 65th season. We're already planning to purchase tickets to another show in March.