The Set

Welcome, welcome to the Lotus! Every cabin is the best on boat and gets all afternoon sun!

Ridgeland High School

This is the back entrance to the high school where we are currently putting together our production of Murder on the Nile. The high school has graciously allowed us to use their cafeteria stage for our performance. The only downside is it's a one-weekend only deal. It seems rather sad to have put all of this work into a play for only three performances, but it has been fun.

Dress rehearsals start next week with opening night on Friday. I'll post some pictures of the set tomorrow - it's almost finished!

Murder on the Nile

This is what has been taking up so much of my time lately.


I was stopped at a traffic light yesterday when I noticed a large amount of smoke coming from the Kangaroo gas station across the street. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a great shot, but an old truck was on fire. My husband passed the scene later on and saw the carcass being towed away. A fire next to the gas pumps could have easily turned into a very dangerous station, but luckily no one was hurt. I guess someone will be looking for a new car though!


This waterfall was captured inside Pan Asia restaurant. It's one of the best places to eat in Jackson and they recently relocated to a brand new building which was designed and built just for them.

There was a similar waterfall arrangement at the old restaurant, but it wasn't as impressive. There's also a sushi bar - I'm sure my husband and I will be back to try it out soon.

PS: Thanks to those of you who left suggestions for my creative block. I think my main problem is a lack of time to get out and hunt for photo ops. But I have decided to try to take a fresh look at the things I see every day.