Rolling, rolling, rolling...

This year marks what would have been Eudora Welty's 100th birthday. Jackson was the place she called home for many years, so it's fitting that the city is paying hommage to her in many ways.

One of the most prominent is the staging of The Ponder Heart at New Stage Theater. The Eudora Welty Society is also hosting a special forum before one of the performances and every person who attends will get a special signed print. New Stage needed 300+ posters rolled up and tied in bows for the event - so the call went out to their industrious volunteers.

Here are the results of our work showcased against the "Wall of Fame" in the theater lobby. We got all the posters rolled in record time - and had a good time while doing it!

Facilities II

Cups also provides an aesthetically pleasing mural to gander at while visiting the powder room/john. Is there some unwritten rule about cafes providing their patrons with something to look at in the restrooms?

Confidential to my American readers - I hope you got your taxes filed!

Facilities I

The toilet at Sneaky Beans features a chalkboard where you can leave messages to your fellow coffee-lovers. I guess it's better than graffiti!

So green!

This is a photo of the seventh hole at Deerfield. There's nothing really special about it - I just couldn't believe how green everything has gotten. And with all the rain we got yesterday, things will probably get even greener!

Frohe Ostern!!

I just loved this display inside the Rausch chocolate store in Berlin. It's an Easter bunny made of hundreds of individually wrapped chocolate bunnies. I wonder if the employees get to eat it at the end of the season.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the bun bun brings you lots of chocolate.