May Theme Day: Shadows

I hope you don't think I spend all of my time at the golf course. I really don't - there is also the theater!

I hope all of my European friends are having a wonderful May Day and enjoying some time off. Happy Theme Day to the rest of you, we can at least celebrate the weekend.

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A Photo of a Photo

Not only was Eudora Welty a Pulitzer Prize winning author - she was also an accomplished photographer. During the Depression she worked for the Works Progress Administration. She traveled across the state of Mississippi photographing ordinary people. She really had a talent for portraiture - not really a surprise since she was a self-proclaimed people lover. There are several compilations of her photos out on the market - the most widely known One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression.

I hope you've enjoyed my series on Eurdora Welty. I still haven't found something suitable for tomorrow's theme day. Wish me luck!

More Welty

Each year New Stage hosts the Eudora Welty New Play Series to discover new writing talent. Anyone can submit a new play. A panel of judges reads through all the submissions and selects three for a staged reading.

The readings take place over a weekend and on Sunday the grand winner is announced and awarded a small monetary prize. But really, all three shows are winners. Her legacy remains!

Welty Display

Lots of Welty memoribilia was on display in the Hewes Room at New Stage.

Ms. Welty was a big fan of theater and was always a supporter of New Stage and the arts in general. This season's performance of The Ponder Heart was not the first at New Stage. Adaptations of some of her other works have also been performed here - most notably The Robber Bridegroom. Let's hope the Welty traditon continues!

The Ponder Heart

My husband and I went to see the stage adaptation of The Ponder Heart at New Stage this weekend. We had great seats this time, which made the show even more enjoyable.

There was a big display of Eudora Welty memoribilia on display in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday. I'll be showing it all this week - so check back!

My Roses

The rose garden seems to be doing very well so far. This is one of the Queen Elizabeth bushes we planted. The only plant that doesn't have any blooms is the Peace rose, but it does have some buds, so hopefully we'll see some more flowers soon. They're all so beautiful!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am not looking forward to Monday.