Skywatch: Part II

I was undecided on which of these photos to use for skywatch Friday, so here's a look at the other view. Which one do you like better?

Skywatch Friday

I, for one, am extremely glad Friday has finally rolled around! This photo was taken from the Pelican Cove on the rez. The sun was just starting to set and there was a cool evening breeze. A perfect evening.

Happy Friday everyone! Click on the skywatch link to see other skies from around the world.

Confidential to my sister - Happy Birthday!!!

Eudora Welty House

The Welty House sits in the heart of Belhaven, just across the street from the private college that bears its name. I've always been curious about it and had sort of formed a picture in my mind of what it would look like. The real thing is more impressive than what I had conjured up.

Tours of the home are available, but must be scheduled in advance through the Eudora Welty Society. That's something that I really need to take the time to do, I'm sure it would be very interesting!

Can't We Share?

This lady cardinal looks wary about sharing the feeder with this sparrow.

As this secret video shows - the bigger bird always prevails!

Musical Break

My husband and I enjoyed the jazz stylings of this brass trio at the recent Bright Lights, Belhaven Nights festival. There was a trumpeteer, a trombonist and (of course) a sax player. It was relaxing to stop and listen to them play for awhile. And I just love that fabulous house behind them. Hope the owners didn't mind the music!

St Peter's Part II

St. Peter's has this awesome driveway made up of hundreds of tiny blocks of grass. I just wonder how they mow it.

St Peter's Orthodox Church

I like St Peter's because it's really different from most of the mega-churches you find in the area. I'm not sure it really fits into its surroundings well, but I do like it!