Local Artwork

I'm not sure exactly what to make of this piece of art. Happy Friday everyone!!!

Old Oak

This old tree was in the front lawn of The Cedars House. I love old trees like this one - perfect for a treehouse or a fort!

The Cedars House

The Cedars is one of Jackson's oldest homes. It was built around 1840. Today it's used by the Fondren Renaissance Foundation for art showings, performances and other "arty" things. Fondren is one of Jackson's oldest neighborhoods and a group of people have come together to "revive" both the residential and the commercial areas. So far, it's working pretty well!

I stopped by The Cedars last night to audition for Fondren Theater Workshop. They have two productions coming up - so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

We had another tree cut down in our yard yesterday and this stump is all that remains. It was an old pine that died and was infested with pine beetles. It was also dangerously close to our house, so we finally bit the bullet and paid to have it cut down.

I asked my husband to take pictures, but by the time he was up and ready the tree was already gone! At least the workers were quick and efficient. It's sort of sad to see a tree go though. I hope no birds were nesting in it - the woodpeckers especially like to make their homes in those tall, skinny pines.

Movie Theater

My husband and I went to see Gran Turino this weekend. It's a really good movie, if you get a chance to see it - GO!

We went to the metro's newest multiplex - Malco Grandview. They have tried to give the lobby an Italian feel. Although it's nothing like being in Italy, it is nice. They have a fountain in the middle, a refreshment stand and lots of comfy chairs to lounge in if you have to wait until your show starts. We have never seen the place so busy, but we generally go to the matinee showing. The queue for tickets was out the door so we didn't have time to relax. We made a beeline for our theater. Luckily, we only missed a few of the advertisements!

New Jerusalem Chruch

I don't know what denomination this church belongs to, but once again they have a very informative website. I'm sure my European readers find it strange that all of these churches have such extensive websites - I find it a little strange myself. But I guess if it works, it works!