Happy Birthday to Me!!!

My husband woke up early and prepared this surprise breakfast. A very nice treat for a Wednesday morning and one that will hopefully take me through another day of jury duty.

Canton Square

Today I had lunch with some of my new jury duty friends at RJ Barrel's. It's a restaurant right on the old Canton Square. Canton is actually a place worth visiting. The city has a real old town square that is often used for filming movies and whatnot. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time to walk around and take photos as we had to get back to the courthouse, but hopefully I can tomorrow.

Today we heard opening arguments and part of the plaintiff's case. I hope we'll be able to wrap things up tomorrow. It's definitely not like on TV. It's rather boring at times and the attorneys are not as eloquent.

Jury Duty

I got called for jury duty today. I had to report to the Madison County Courthouse at 8.30. They were chosing jurors for the grand jury and for a civil case to be tried later this week. I would have really liked to be on the grand jury, but sadly did not get chosen.

Instead I was assigned the spot of juror number 11 for the civil case. I have to go back tomorrow to see if I make the final cut. I'm not that keen on serving on the jury, but as I have never done it before, it might be interesting.

Have any of you ever served on a jury? Was the trial interesting?

Blue Heron

This beauty really let me get up close yesterday. I guess he was concentrating on finding some dinner!