Walk of Fame

Okay, it's not really a walk of fame, but these stars do line the entrance up to Mississippi's one and only professional theater! I am taking an acting class there starting in two weeks and I stopped by recently to give them a down payment. I'm hoping the class will give me some exposure.

These stars are given to major contributors to the theater. I saw a few names I recognize, including a distributor who buys products from my place of business. It really is a small world.

Happy Friday everyone. It looks like it's going to rain again today - my golf game is suffering!

The Late Night Double Feature Picture Show...

Last night a friend of mine and I went to audition for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Many of the auditionees dressed up, and had on the full make-up.

I would like to play to role of Columbia and I tried my best to play up my tap dancing skills. Although I didn't get dressed up, I did put on some heavy eyeliner. But I got the feeling the main roles were already cast ahead of time. Whatever the outcome, it was fun to see some of my buddies from the last Fondren show I did. And it's always good to meet new people!

PS: I saw a glimmer of sunlight through the clouds on my way to work this morning. Let's hope it bursts through. I am sick of the rain and grey skies.

Menacing Skies

Various parts of the state of Mississippi have been under tornado watches and warnings since Monday. The rain continues and many counties are also under flash flood warnings.

Yesterday the tornado sirens were going on and off - on and off. The skies were pretty ominous, but luckily there were no touchdowns in my area. I'm really ready for Gustav to blow on out of here. I miss you Mr. Sun!!

Gustav Update

Luckily Gustav slowed down to a category 1 storm before it hit land down here. About 35,000 evacuees from New Orleans have camped out in Jackson hotels and shelters. Although we had some winds yesterday, there was no damage in our area. It's basically been raining constantly.

Some good has come out of the Faye and Gustav rains. I planted these bulbs in March and I figured they were duds. But lo and behold a few flowers have bloomed! I don't remember the name, but they are pretty. I'm hoping the purple flowers will come up as well.

In any case, it's back to work this morning. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day. It's nice to stay at home, even if it is only to watch the rain coming down.

SollefteƄ, Sweden: Twin City of Madison, Mississippi

It looks like I forgot to officially sign up for this month's theme day. In any case, this is a look at Solleftea, Sweden. It is the sister city of Madison, MS which is part of the greater Jackson area and the city where I actually live!

Take a look at some of the other blogs participating in today's theme. I'm sure it will be an interesting voyage from one twin city to another.

PS: Happy Labor Day to all my American visitors.

Gustav and Golf

Luckily Gustav did not hinder our Sunday afternoon golf game. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour did declare a state of emergency though - the major highways that run through the state (I-55 and I-59) are running northbound only in all lanes to help facilitate evacuation.

Jackson hotels are full to the brim and even our golf club got some extra business from the ladies golf team at Tulane. They used their Sunday afternoon to train for an upcoming tournament. The storm is scheduled to hit tomorrow. I hope everyone in the area stays safe. It looks like Jackson won't be seeing much action.