I have internet at home again... yay! I was wondering if someone could help me with a few things on my blog? I want to know how you get the city photo blog logo to show up on the links to other blogs thing. And also, how do you get a photo in your banner at the top? Any help would be highly appreciated. Here is a link to my e-mail.

Madison Public Works

I had to stop by the Madison Public Works building the other day to pick up my new recycling bin. Believe it or not, but most communities in the Jackson metro area do not participate in curbside recycling. And there are no recycling facilities that I know of, if you want to recycle yourself. I find that really unthinkable, especially since trash is buried in landfills here in Jackson.

At least Madison does recycle the basics, newspaper, glass, cans and some plastic. I think it's important that we do what we can to save something for the future generations.


Our new house is really almost new. Apparently the couple before only lived there for a few months before it was foreclosed. That's mainly good news for us, but bad news when it comes to things like mailboxes.

I'm not sure how they managed without for the few months they were here, but we seem to be the only house in the whole neighborhood lacking one. And of course with all of the restricted covenants and bylaws of these new neighborhoods, you have to buy a certain model. I'm not really against this mailbox, it is nice looking. But the price tag is pretty hefty - $322.07.

I am wondering what things are like in other neighborhoods, do you have mailbox guidelines?

Dewey Donation

This doesn't really have much to do with Jackson, but my friends over at Glarkware are attempting to raise money to buy books for schools. I have previously donated to this program and I know that much of the funds go to schools in New Orleans whose libraries were devastated by Katrina.

Helping out is easy! Right now Glarkware is donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this cute t-shirt to the Dewey Donation System. I've already got mine on order. If you'd still like to help, check out the Dewey website. You can send in a donation in any amount or buy books from a wishlist.

Moving Day!

Last Saturday was our big moving day. We hired two men and a truck to help us out. Unfortunately, it was a little wet that day, but it was sort of a constant drizzle and not a hard, soaking rain. The movers were really efficient and professional. Luckily we had almost everything packed by the time they arrived and all they had to do was load it in their truck. It took four hours in total, which I think is pretty good.

Later on we used the services of one woman and a bug. :-D I may not have been as efficient, but everything is now in the house and that's what counts.


Last week I was packing them, this week I'm unpacking them. I am glad to be in the unpacking phase though, it's much less stressful.

We won't have an internet connection at home until next week, but I'll try to post at work. Sometimes that's difficult though since I am paid to work and not blog!