Skywatch Friday

I caught this beautiful dramatic sky on the 4th hole at Colonial. I like to squeeze in nine after work when I can. My game was cut short on this day though because those stormy clouds did indeed bring rain.

Happy Friday everyone! To see other skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.

Bright Lights, Belhaven Lights

Last weekend, the Belhaven neighborhood association hosted a street festival. There were live bands, entertainment, arts and crafts and plenty of good food and fun. Admission was only three dollars and all the proceeds go towards improving and maintaining this wonderful historic area.

My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves and I hope we'll be able to make it to next year's festival as well!

Fairview Rockers

These rockers were on the front porch of the Fairview Inn. I retouched this one a bit because the white rockers are blending in with the white wall too much. I'm quite pleased with the results, although there could still be more definition between the chairs and the wall.

The Fairview Inn

The Fairview Inn is located in Jackson's other historic district - Belhaven. We had one of our murder mystery shows at the restaurant here last weekend. It was a great crowd - more than one hundred people. And they loved the show!

I'm going to start a new label for Belhaven photos. I've got some more pictures of this lovely neighborhood to come!

Unidentified Baby

I'm not sure what type of bird this is, but he looks pretty young. I think he was waiting for his mom to digest some seeds from the feeder and regurgitate them to him. Can anyone help me identify? I'm thinking he's some type of house finch. I've got a lot of those around here.

St. Andrew's

No this isn't the golf course - it's one of Jackson's oldest congregations. St. Andrew's is located in the heart of downtown Jackson. It's a beautiful building surrounded by leafy green trees. The building is over 100 years old which may not seem like much by old world standards, but for the new world, that's quite a feat! I'd love to go inside and check out the stained glass, but churches here aren't open to the public like they are in Europe.