Po in a Row

The Saint Patrick's Day parade is probably the only time you're happy to see a state trooper. I must admit, they looked good on their bikes and did some impressive moves!

Snoop on the Cell

Last night a group of friends (including Halcyon and Dreamer's Click) went to see Snoop Dogg in downtown Jackson. The show didn't disappoint! Here's a look at the artist as captured from Dreamer's Click's cell phone. Good times, good times!

Festive Reflection

Reflection capturing the festive mood of people of Jackson at the St. Paddy's Parade.

Super Moon

This is from the much publicised "Supermoon" day. As seen in Jackson. Looks bigger ? ;)

Pied Piper of Jackson

St. Paddy's Parade at Jackson on Sat. afternoon. I had an opportunity to get some interesting shots during the event.


Some broken beads left on the pavement after Saturday's Saint Patrick's Day parade downtown. It was a lot of fun. But I don't envy those who had to clean up after the shindig!