Flowers IV

This is another specimen from my MiL's garden in Berlin. In German it's called a Christmas Rose. I've never heard of that before - but apparently this flower is very sensitive and difficult to grow. My MiL said this is the first year they've had such nice blooms on it. It probably wouldn't do well in my beds. I need the easy stuff like pansies and daisies.

The crocuses have also opened. It looks like spring has finally sprung in Berlin!

Happy Friday everyone! I'll be back in Jackson next week.

Flowers III

Today's flowers are coming to you fresh from Germany! My MiL has a beautiful garden with plenty of blooms just waiting to pop up. I believe these are crocuses, but any green-thumbed readers are free to correct me.

April Theme Day: Yellow

Yellow was not an easy theme day for me. But when I saw the flags on the Deerfield golf course one Sunday, I suddenly knew what I was going to post!

Happy April everyone!

Flowers II

These are the beautiful azaleas blooming in my front yard. After last year's blooming season, I pruned them down and fed them several times with miracle grow. It seems to have helped, they were especially big, bright and pink this year!

Flowers I

It's still cold here in Berlin, these daffodils remind me of what I'm missing back home - SPRING!


Sorry I don't have a picture of a church for you today. I didn't have time to capture one before leaving for Germany. I hope you'll enjoy this old-timey mailbox instead.