I stopped by the Rez last night to snap this shot before the sun sank completely into the horizon. I love the sunsets around here.

Check out other skies across the world at Skywatch.

Mr Barista

For some reason I think it's strange that male coffee artists are called baristas - I think it's my French language influence. Why not baristos? I would think that Italian also has gender specifc titles the same as French since they are both Latin languages.

In any case, this barista was kind enough to let me snap his photo. He was worried about his hair and clothes, but I think he looks quite cool. Unfortunately, I forgot to get his name. Perhaps he'll be there next time and I'll pass on a link to my blog.

Inside Cups

Cups not only has wonderful coffee, they also offer free wi-fi and colorful tables and chairs where you can ponder life's mysteries with friends or just finish some homework! The staff are very friendly and know how to make good drinks... what more can you want from a cafe?


Cups is a locally owned and operated cafe with several outlets in the Jackson metro area. I stopped by the Fondren branch last week before the auditions for a quick pick-me-up to get my juices flowing.

I found out this weekend that I was not cast in the reading of the Vagina Monologues. That's really okay with me, I am more interested in the staged poetry reading... so keep those fingers crossed!

I'll be showing more of Cups this week - including a barista!

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

I caught this sunset on my flight today from San Diego to Atlanta. We were about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta - so these may be the skies over Jackson. The colors were stunning, although I think the people next to me thought I was a little weird for taking pictures out the window!

I spent most of today crossing the country from west to east and then back west again. Yes, when you live in Jackson, you have to go east before going west. My husband and I fully enjoyed the sunny weather and warm temps in SoCal. I could easily get used to life on the west coast.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch Puxatawnie Phil's prediction today, but I'm hoping it's for a short winter!

February Theme Day: Paths and Passageways

My path today is a small bridge over the water.
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