Sort of Scary

Just recently I made my first ever visit to a Bass Pro Shop. It was quite an interesting experience! I found this particular sign very telling. I don't hunt and am not at all interested in starting, but it's apparently a very popular pastime here in Mississippi.


The azaleas are starting to burst into bloom around town. There are many different shades from vibrant red to deep pink and even white. These were spotted on the golf course, although I've also got a few bushes in front of my house.

Azaleas bring back memories of spring time in Brittany. I lived in Rennes for three years and also spent a lot of time in a small village in Finistere. Every spring the ladies busied themselves in their gardens - trimming hedges and gathering flowers. Azaleas, rhododendrums and hydrangeas were their mainstays, they created beautiful, bursts of color on every doorstep.

The Trevarez Castle gardens also hosted an azalea festival once a year. I was lucky enough to see the spectacle once. It was just amazing. Really worth the visit if you're ever in the area.

The Bulldog

Sorry I did not post anything yesterday. It is rather difficult to blog from work and I spent my evening at auditions for The Fondren Theater Workshop. They are doing an evening of one act plays from David Ives and I so wanted to be cast... and guess what?? I am!!! I'm going to be part of Mystery at the Twickenham Vicarage - that was just the one I wanted to be in too - squee! [/end excitement of a 12 year old girl].

Tonight my husband and a good friend of mine (who was also cast) went out to celebrate at The Bulldog. This establishment recently opened and they have quite a good collection of beers on tap. I am still convinced that the proprietor attended Mississippi State though, who else would have come up with a name like The Bulldog?

Feed the Kitties

There were always tons of stray cats roaming the alley outside the Black Rose Theater. I always wondered why they were drawn to this particular area. This law firm which operates just next door provided some answers. They leave out trays of dry kibbles for the kitties to chow down on. I'm glad someone cares about the kitties! I wonder who pays for all the kibble though?