Skywatch Friday

There's nothing nicer than a blue sky over a cemetery.

Happy Friday everyone! To see more skies from around the world, click here.

Flower in Black and White

I can't remember what this flower is called. I planted quite a few bulbs last year, but didn't get very good results. This year they made plenty of stems again and I waited and waited to see if they were going to flower, but nothing. Until now. At the very, very end of summer.

Perhaps it's all the rain we've gotten lately or something, but some of my other flowering plants are doing the same thing. They did not flower during the summer and all and now there are blossoms everywhere. I will enjoy them while I can!

I'm off to Germany today and will be back in ten days. I've got my blog on automatic posting, but I'll try to check in every now and then if I get a good internet connection. Until then, enjoy!

More Germanfest...

The local fire brigade also had some trucks out on display. There are many reasons I'm happy to live in Madison, and red fire trucks is one of them. Those yellow ones are just not right.

Back to Germanfest!

I didn't get to finish my Germanfest series last week - so here's another look! There were two horse-drawn carriages at the festival. The horse on the left kept giving me the eye. They were both really beautiful.

The Swedish House of Jackson

Remember awhile back when Jacob from Ocala posted a picture of his Swedish House? Now I've found one in Jackson for you to enjoy! It's located in the historic Fondren district, and it's for rent if anyone is interested. I'm sure the Pixels Group from Stockholm are packing as we speak (write)!

Our show ended last night with a pretty good audience considering the weather conditions (cold and wet). I really enjoyed being a part of it and made some great new friends in the process. It will be nice to have some of my time back though. I'll be able to better concentrate on my blog now instead of stuffing my head with lines.

Hummingbird II

I believe the hummingbirds have started their journey towards warmer winter weather, but I certainly enjoyed them while they were here. I hope they'll stop by next year as well!

These little creatures are really amazing. Hope you enjoy the bonus video!