Reflections: Baptist Health Center

The Baptist Health Center is located on the Mississippi College campus. I pass this building every time I go to my German class and it always catches my eye. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I thought I'd stop to catch the window reflections.

Hope you are having a happy weekend! Click on the reflections link to see more reflections from around the world.

Skywatch: Jury Duty

I was called for jury duty last week. Luckily, it hasn't been a full two years since I served on a jury and I was excused. As I was leaving, I got this wonderful shot of the courthouse with a blue, blue sky overhead. It was too pretty out to sit around judging someone anyway!

Happy Friday everyone! To see more skies from around the world, click on the Skywatch link.

A Dip?

The hospital where I take the yoga class also has a lovely indoor pool. I've never actually swam there, but it looks like it would be heavenly with all the windows and skylights.

Azaleas and Parking

The azaleas are starting to bloom! The ones in my yard are ready to burst open at any moment, but I caught these outside the hospital where I take yoga. Lovely!

Alumni Hall

Another one of the impressive brick buildings on the MC campus. I love all the archways they have over the windows and doorways.

Gold Friend

A cute little goldfinch flew by to say hi! It's nice to be back in Jackson where the temp is up. Seattle was fun, but I wasn't too sad to leave the wet, cold weather. For that reason, I didn't get many photos but I'll put some up on my other blog when I finish my New York series.

Spring at the Golf

Yellow daffodils really brighten up the course. I wonder if these were planted here in a row on purpose or if they have just migrated. This little hill seems an odd place to plant a line of flowers, but it does look nice!

Hope you are enjoying Jackson DP on auto-pilot. I'll see you tomorrow!