Skywatch Friday

Belk's is one of two department stores we have here in Jackson, the other being Dillard's. I took this photo yesterday evening. Somehow the sky does not look as pretty in the photo as it did in person. It was sort of pinkish-orange and just peeking out behind that clock tower.

Happy Friday everyone. Be sure to check out other skies around the world at Skywatch.


VIP Nails is one of the numerous Vietnamese nail shops in and around Jackson. I've tried quite a few, but VIP is one of the better ones. My last manicure lasted more than two weeks!

Quail Hollow

My husband and I played a round of golf in McComb, Mississippi on New Year's Eve day on our way to the Big Easy. The weather was quite sunny, although it was really cold. We played this course before and it's still as nice as the last time, although my score wasn't!


Schimmels is a local restaurant that also hosts blues acts on the weekends. You may have heard of The Subway Lounge. It was an old juke joint featured in the 2003 documentary Last of the Mississippi Juke Joints. Despite efforts to renovate and revitalize the old club, it was demolished in 2004. Luckily there are places like Schimmels who have given those performers new places to play!

Madison County Tax Assesor

A gloomy rainy day is as good a time as any to visit your local tax assessor. Luckily my husband and I were on a good mission. Since we bought our house last February, we could not homestead (you had to be living in the home on 1 Jan) and have been paying the full-value property tax! Now we're officially homesteaded and will pay a discounted rate.

Mega Church

Christ United Methodist is one of the largest churches in the Jackson area. In addition to the regular church facilities, they also have a pre-school program. I wonder how many members this church has - it must be in the hundreds! The administrative costs and upkeep of their campus must be quite expensive. And they have a very professional website to boot.

There are quite a few mega-churches like this around town. I always wonder if there is competition for membership between them. Here in the US, churches advertise for "customers" just like any other business.