Skywatch Friday

I was working out in the yard recently when I heard this fellow tap tap tapping away. It's not the best picture, but I can tell you this woodpecker is a beauty. They love all the old pines in my neighborhood.

To check out more skies from around the world - click on the skywatch link. Happy Friday!!!

Fondren Village

The Fondren Village sign looks really nice at night. It's not as special-looking during the day, although I love just about everything in the Fondren area - night or day.

Does the weekend seem to be taking a long time to get here or is it just me?

I've been tagged today by Jacob at Ocala Daily Photo. Thank you so much for the honor!

Here is my list of six things that make me happy. :)

1. A good day on the golf course
2. Birds
3. A tasty salad
4. An unexpected letter/postcard from a friend
5. Spending time with my husband (on or off the golf course)
6. Comments on my blog

An Evening of Laughs

As most of you probably know, my two main passions are golf and theater. Last night I did a show with Mississippi Murder Mysteries - we're a group that goes around and performs different shows in restaurants. At the end, the guests have to guess whodunnit and the winners receive a prize.

I don't know if this is a first in MMM history - but last night NO ONE guessed who the murderer was. I guess that means we all were good at looking guilty - except the real guilty one! These are some of the performers enjoying dinner after the show.

Alarm Bird

Before every storm this little mockingbird sits on the rood of my house and sends out the alarm to all the other birds in the area. Usually when I come outside and look he flies away. But I guess Sunday night's warning was so urgent he wasn't even daunted by my presence.

We have a lot of birds living in the old trees in my neighborhood. I certainly hope none of them lost their nests in the storm. That would really be a shame.

Big Storms

My power was out for two hours last night due to the severe weather that came through our area. I was a little worried without my trusty TV weatherman to tell me to take cover. Luckily things never got that bad. This was the sky before the storm hit.

And this is some bonus video I took from my front porch., although it's probably not really a good idea to stand outside in high winds and possible tornado weather. I hope my rose garden was not damaged. I was really worried about those trees - they seemed to be swaying a lot.

First United Methodist Church

This church is located just across the street from a Baptist church. I wonder how people decide which church to attend, there are so many choices here in the Jackson area.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We're currently under a tornado alert here in the metro area.