January Theme Day: Changes

Our state welcome sign went through a change recently. We are no longer "Mississippi, it's like coming home" but "Mississippi, birthplace of America's music." I still like the idea of coming home (especially since Mississippi is home for me), but the new sign is nice.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2010 brings you lots of love, joy and most importantly, good health!!

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Since my Nikon is out for repair, I may have to get on Wingscapes overload! Hope you enjoy this bright cardinal. He's always a welcome visitor at my feeder.

Mint Restaurant

I treated my husband to dinner at Mint last night. We tested their bar before and the restaurant was also good. And you'll be happy to know, the chandelier looks as good as ever.

PS: My camera is going to be out of commission for awhile. The cover to the battery compartment was broken over the holidays. I'm sending it in to the Nikon repair center and hope to have it back within two weeks (that's what they say their lead time is, please keep fingers crossed). I will try to use my old camera in the meantime, but I might have to dig into the archives for a few days.

New Home

I made it back safely from Oklahoma City despite the weather and road conditions. It was nice to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at home before heading back to work today.

I guess times are not as bad as they seem, many of the empty lots in my neighborhood are now being built up and most of the homes are sold before construction even begins. This one is coming along quite quickly and they just laid the foundations for another home as well.

Confidential to my dearest husband - happy birthday!!!

Decorative Reflection

Holiday decorations reflected in the water.

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