Mexican Reflections

Reflections in a table at Margaritas restaurant. It's one of my favorite places to go for Mexican.

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Trees and Moon

A blue sky contrasted against the green trees on Patrick Farms golf course. If you look up, you'll also see an almost full moon up there.

My sunset from Salvador de Bahia is today's guest photo at skywatch. Please click on the Skywatch link and check it and all the other beautiful skies out.

Confidential to my husband: It's been a great three years, I hope there are many more to come!

Strange Bug

A strange looking insect I found on one of my pots. He was not disturbed at all by my constant clicking. I'm glad the weekend is almost here. I'm still trying to think of something fun for the August theme day though.

Stuttgarter Traum

A real dream car, right here in Jackson, MS. It definitely has a nice hood emblem.

Sweet Blue Man

A cute little bluebird. This photo was taken in February when they stopped by in my birdbox. Sadly, they didn't stay - but at least I had some friends for awhile.

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My Neighborhood

The entrance to my neighborhood. This photo was taken back in April when the azaleas were in bloom. Such beautiful flowers, next spring seems so far away!

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Cart Bridge

Another small golf course bridge. This one is from Patrick Farms, it's just south of Jackson. We played this past week with a friend of ours from work. It was a nice course and we had a great time. I'd play there again!

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