Shoe Depot

Another item on our German shopping list was Crocs. My husband and I checked the Shoe Station, the Shoe Carnival, the Shoe Gallery and finally the Shoe Dept (which my husband mistakenly called the Shoe Depot). Unfortunately the search was not fruitful, we could not find the requested colors in the correct sizes.

I did get a nice reflection shot though. To see more reflections from around the world, click on the reflections link.

I'm in Germany for now. Enjoy JDP on auto pilot in the meantime.

Ug Mug

This cafe/ice-creamery is just next to a Newk's where my husband and I sometimes go for lunch. It seemed like it took forever for the place to open and then before we even had a chance to try it, it was closed. It has a nice facade, hopefully some other business will take over quickly.

I am flying out to Germany today so JDP will be on auto pilot until my return. I am turning off the comment moderation since I won't be using iPhone over there and my MiL only has slow internet, so I'm not sure how much I'll be online.

Note to all Chinese porn spammers, hawkers of replica Gucci goods and viagra sellers: your comments will be deleted upon my return.

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My husband and I are headed to Germany tomorrow. When our friends know we're coming, they put in a shopping list of stuff that's cheaper to buy here than there. One friend wanted a pair of Converse All Stars for her daughter. I thought these were ultra-cute, she did too so they are now packed away in my giant dragger, ready for take-off.

Der Kuss

I like to see a man who knows how to take care of his lady. Very sweet!

I use the Wingscapes bird camera to take pictures at my feeder. It's weatherproof and has a motion detector to sense when a bird (or squirrel) is at the feeder. It takes a lot of bad pictures, but I get some good ones too. And it's always fun to see who's been at my feeder during the day when I'm at work. To see more of my bird photos, click on the Wingscapes link in the labels section.

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Weekend Treats

After hearing about Leif of Eagan's famous oatmeal waffles, I couldn't wait to try them myself! I once had oatmeal pancakes at Rosie's Cafe in Lake Tahoe and I still remember them to this day as the best pancakes I ever had.

We added blueberries to some waffles and chocolate chips to others. I like mine plain with butter, but we also tried some topped with greek yogurt. They were all tasty! Thanks again Leif for the recipe. We'll definitely have them again.

Golf Bridge

Another bridge from Colonial golf course. This one may not be as picturesque as the lovely hole, but it gets the job done!

Why does Sunday always get here so fast? To see more bridges from around the world, click on the bridges link.