Weekend Reflections: Festival of Lights

This reflection picture actually came out better than I expected. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and a happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate!

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Grand Christmas Tree

A beautiful tree shot through the window of the Ridgeland First Baptist Church.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm looking forward to the weekend and I'm sure it's going to be a good one!

Mint Bar

Mint is a new-ish restaurant/bar in the Jackson area. My husband and I have been thinking of going there for some time and we finally did last weekend! We had drinks and desert - their chocolate cake is delicious!

A Sanders Family Christmas

Last Friday my husband and I went to see the Center Players production of A Sanders Family Christmas. It was held inside the chapel of the First Baptist Church of Ridgeland - an appropriate location since the play takes place at a Baptist church! It's a pretty cute show with lots of music and singing. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures during the performance, but here's a look at the set.

More Snow!

My husband and I went to see a Christmas show last Friday night. When we came out the snow was falling. It looked especially pretty on this old car which was being used by the group as advertisement.

Snowy Rose

I took this picture on Friday evening when the snow was coming down and dusting everything with its white powder. I used the flash on this photo, I usually don't like night shots with flash, but I think this one didn't turn out too bad. I just hope this will be the last snow we get for the year - once is plenty for me!!

PS: I've opened a new blog where I will be posting photos from my travels both near and far. I feel like I have so many lovely photos from the places I've visited and no where to post them! I hope you'll stop by often to check it out. You can get to it by clicking here or clicking the link I've posted in the links section on my toolbar.

Winter Wonderland

We got our annual snow here in Jackson. It came a little early this year, but like always it didn't stay long. The snow that melts away quickly without leaving a mess is the kind of snow I like!

Here's a look at the 2008 snow, although this photo didn't come from Jackson proper.