The Annabelle II

Since I showed you our hostess from the Belle of the Bends, I thought I'd also show our host from Anabelle. He was quite spiffy and very accomodating!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm going to be out of town again, this time in Germany so I should be able to get online. I'll be putting some of the days on auto post though. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Belle of the Bends II

This was our lovely hostess of the Belle of the Bends. She was gracious enough to pose with one of our German guests. She gave a presentation on floral arrangement as part of the tour, but none of those pictures came out as well as this one.

Thank you!!!

Cedar Grove II

We didn't actually tour Cedar Grove, but we stopped in for a cool drink on the verandah. The last time we were in Vicksburg we wanted to visit this home, but there was a wedding. This time Cedar Grove wasn't on Saturday's menu. We did get to walk around the public areas though and everything is beautiful. My husband promised he'll bring me back to celebrate our second anniversary - I'm holding him to it!

PS: As Hilda pointed out, I did show you the back view of this house last December.

Ahern's Belle of the Bends

The Belle of the Bends was our second stop on the pilgrim tour. This home is actually postbellum, which means it was built after the Civil War. It was named for the riverboat that brought Teddy Roosevelt down to the South.

This home also had a beautiful table set in spring colors.

Tomorrow a look at my favorite home, Cedars Grove.

The Anabelle

The spring pilgrimage in Natchez includes a tour of four homes per day. We didn't get there in time for all four, so we did the two in the afternoon. Our first stop was The Annabelle. Our hosts dressed up in Victorian attire for the occasion and graciously showed us around their home.

It was lovely inside and out. The table is already set for Easter dinner with the lovely spring colors - pink and green.

Tomorrow I'll show your our second stop - Belle of the Bends.

First Presbyterian Church of Vicksburg

We had visitors from Germany this weekend, so like good hosts we took them to all the interesting sights in and around Jackson. Of course a trip over to Vicksburg was a must! We took part in the annual spring pilgrimage and visited several antebellum homes. We also took a quick tour through the Vicksburg Battle site. Our guests found it all very interesting.

I also got a quick look at this lovely church. Unfortunately, it was not open to visitors, but the white stone looks beautiful against the blue sky. This church does have a website, if you'd like to learn more about its history.

I'll be posting more pictures from our jaunt over to the Mississippi River town this week - so be sure to stop by.