Reflections of a Lawyer

The Old Capitol reflected in the law offices of Joe M. Hollomon.

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Blue Skies over the Capitol

A beautiful blue sky over the Mississippi State Capitol Building. If you haven't noticed, I'm using this shot for my header photo now.

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Old Capitol: Senate Room

One of the beautifully renovated ceilings in the Old Capitol building. This one is found in the Senate chamber.

Mississippi Dome: Part Two

This is the dome on the old state capitol building of Mississippi. This building was used by the state congress, senate, supreme court and the governor until 1903. It's now on the national register of historic places and was recently restored and refurbished as a museum. To learn more about the old capitol, click here.

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Mississippi Dome

A view up into the dome of the Mississippi Capitol building. A security guard let us in to get a quick shot, but so far this is all I've seen of the inside. Maybe some day I'll get to see more!

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Mississippi State Capitol

A "full frontal" look at the capitol building that's right here in Jackson. Unfortunately the building is not open to visitors during the weekend, but I got this view of the outside at least.

I've also got another state capitol on my travel blog. I think this week is going to be capital!

Green and Bridge

I finally found another bridge here in Jackson! In the distance, behind the green leafy stuff is a causeway over the Reservoir.

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