I got my haircut yesterday - although I did not go to Bob's, I just love this sign. I'm not sure what a "California Concept" is, but I can just imagine the stylists taking a trip over to Willits to learn all the lastet techniques!

Happy Friday everyone! For a look at other skies around the world, check out skywatch.

McAlister's Deli

McAlister's is one of my favorite lunching spots. They have a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches that are not too unhealthy. This particular McAlister's is probably the one I visit most, although there are quite a few locations around town. And, I must admit, some of them look a little nicer than this one.

I'm not sure if the place is named for Deuce McAlister. He's an (apparently) famous American football player from Mississippi. There are a couple of car dealerships in the city bearing his name, but I'm not sure if the deli is just a coincidence. Anyway, if you've got one in your town, check it out. My suggestion: the taco salad with vegetarian chili. Very yum!


Buji is one of the latest spas to crop up in the Jackson area. Don't let it's strip mall outer appearance fool you though - it's a peaceful haven on the inside. Each treatment room is filled with delicious aromatherapy scents and relaxing music that takes you to another place. At the end of your appointment, you can relax in the giant waterfall room - it's heaven!

The Caring Hands

Last week a group of volunteers from my work went to feed the women and children at a local shelter. It was a lot of hard work - but fun and rewarding too! We asked our colleagues to bring in a prepared dish that could be easily heated up for a potluck style dinner. Some people had different ideas of what can be easily heated, but in the end things worked out and the shelter's residents got plenty to eat that night with enough leftovers for the entire week! We also had a food/supply drive to help stock them up for the future. One person can change the world - even if it's only a little.

March snow

Sunday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland in March! Did Mother Nature not pay attention to the harbingers of spring? At least it was only a light dusting which quickly melted away. The darn cold weather ruined my golf plans though. But we do have the golf channel, so at least we were able to watch other people playing, even though it's not quite the same (they're much better than I am!).

March Theme Day: Glass

I actually posted this photo in the first days of this photo blog, but I knew when glass was chosen as the topic for today's theme I'd use it again. It's a view onto the Natchez Trace from The Mississippi Crafts Center. The Crafts Center is probably Jackson's most modern-looking building. People either love it or hate it. I guess I'm in the love category - at least with these beautiful windows and the view.