Skywatch Friday

Yes, I probably spend too much time at the golf course, but it's a beautiful place isn't it?

Happy Friday everyone, to see other skies from around the world click here.

Eastern Bluebird

I've seen a couple of eastern bluebirds at my feeder lately. They are such pretty little birds. I hope they'll stay.

I also hope you'll enjoy this bonus video. It's not really for the image, but for the sounds. These are the birds I hear in the morning when I sleep with the window open. I'm not really sure which birds they are, but they make a wonderful alarm clock!

PS: Heute, bin ich Geburtstagkind!


You can find loads of interesting things to photograph in the bowels of a theater. I liked the colors of these old electrical cords. I've enhanced the colors a bit with picassa, but they really were pretty bold by themselves.

Ladies Dressing Room

Although we were not performing on the main stage, we got to use the dressing rooms and the green room during my recent performance at New Stage. It's a wonderful place to work,  both on- and off-stage. I hope it won't be the last time!

Check back tomorrow for another look backstage.


I love cosmos. They are so easy to grow and always add a little color. Mine just started blooming, but hey, I'll enjoy them while I can.

St Joseph's

Saint Joseph Catholic church is located in Gluckstadt, Mississippi. The congregation hosts the annual Germanfest every year. I'm not sure what the proceeds go towards, but it must be something charitible.

In any case, I like the simplicity of their place of worship, and the light coming through the bell tower is quite nice as well. For more information on the history of the church and its congregation, click here.