Names in Black and White

These are some of the names of the Illini who were killed during the Civil War. There are several plaques commemorating soldiers inside the Illinois Memorial.

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The Illinois Memorial has a dome similar to the Pantheon in Rome. It's gives you just a little peek at the sky outside.

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There were many casualties during the Civil War. These are graves of the Union soldiers. The Confederate soldiers lie in another location.

USS Cairo

Here she is - Old Ironsides! The USS Cairo was sunk less than one year after being commissioned to protect the Mississippi River during the Civil War. This beauty stayed underwater for more than one hundred years before being raised in 1964.

The boat was actually intact underwater and very well preserved by the clay bed of the Mississippi. However, the strain of bringing the old boat to the surface caused it to break into three pieces. Luckily she was restored and put back together and is now on display at the National Military Park in Vicksburg.

It's really an amazing piece of machinery. It's amazing that something like this could even float! If you're ever in the area, I highly suggest a stop at the military park, the USS Cairo alone is worth seeing.

Illinois Seal

A mosaic of the state seal inside the Illinois Memorial I showed you yesterday. August 26, 1818 was the day Illinois ratified their state constitution and thus became a state. I really like that proud eagle on their seal and the patriotic shield clutched in its claws. Very nice!

Illinois Memorial

This is the memorial to soldiers from Illinois who gave their lives during the US Civil War. I think Illinois must have lost the most men as they have the biggest monument inside the National Military Park in Vicksburg. This memorial was dedicated in 1906.

I'll be showing you different scenes from the park all week, including the USS Cairo - an old Ironsides!

Black and White Temple

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